day to day


day to day i like money, much more than i should.
i like the color black fashionwise, but green otherwise.
i like wolf shirts.
i like to travel.
i like to laugh hysterically and make people think i'm off my rocker.
if i could tell the world something, it would be to lighten up, seriously.

I’d heard about Scotch Naturals nail polish for awhile, but never looked into it, until last night while tumblin’ after I saw a picture of one in a post. So I figured hey what the heck why not see where they sell it (I figured the closest place would be in some boutique in North Scottsdale that would take 1/2 a tank of gas). Turns out, they sell it in this little spa that is in the same complex as my orthodontist, which is about 3 miles away! I knew I had to go check it out, telling myself I’d only get one. Well… I got three. Normally I get really dark colors but these are all so fun! Only picture difference is the Highland Fling, it’s much more coral-y and pretty in person!

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